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Nature's Sunshine Products—This is your opportunity

If your goals include optimum health and vitality plus financial independence, this is your opportunity. Whether you're looking for supplemental income or a full-time career in natural health, Nature's Sunshine offers a clear path to reaching your goals.

Opportunity Overview


Your Opportunity Is Knocking

Since 1972, Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) has steadily earned the reputation as the leader in the world of nutritional supplements and sustainable Network Marketing. Quality and Service are the cornerstones upon which our customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Quality products, quality people, and a quality, sustainable opportunity are a winning combination. Let us show you how to help yourself and others to a healthier, happier life through NSP membership.

Membership Benefits

  • Purchase products at wholesale cost (save even more with product specials).
  • Receive rebates of up to 30% on your own purchases.
  • Share NSP with others and build a sustainable Direct Sales business
  • Receive industry-leading commissions and overrides
  • Choose from over 100s of quality products and unique herbal formulas
  • No inventory required. You can purchase as little or as much as you like.
  • Join a company that’s been around since 1972.

Over half of every dollar the company receives is paid back to its Members and Managers in rebates, commissions and benefits.

Review our compensation plan for a detailed look at how the NSP business works and the levels you can achieve starting with your Preferred Customer or Business Associate account.

Think you should be rewarded for your NSP accomplishments? So do we! Here are just some promotions we offer for reaching NSP milestones.

Check out all of our incentives to exciting events and locations that you too can be a part in.

Get a FREE NSP Account that best suits your goals today

FREE Preferred Customer account for One Year with your $40 Purchase

Preferred Customer Account: The Preferred Customer account is the perfect entry level for the health-conscious Canadian who appreciates quality and value at wholesale pricing (10% OFF). Over 200 of the finest quality herbs and nutritional products are just a phone call or mouse click away. Enjoy wholesale-direct purchasing, monthly product specials, 24-hour ordering, and our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Save up to 10% as a Preferred Customer on today's order. Get started by placing your initial order here.

FREE Business Associate account for One Year with your $40 Purchase

Business Associate: You're one who appreciates the benefits that herbs and nutritional supplements bring to you, your family and friends. You'll also enjoy increased wholesale pricing (up to 20% OFF) and the opportunity to create a business from your home. As a Nature's Sunshine Associate you also have the option of achieving even greater rewards by building a sustainable business as you learn and grow by helping others achieve better health.

Save up to 20% as a Business Associate on today's order! Get started by placing your initial order here.

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