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your first step to a healthier, happier life

Discover the hidden weaknesses that could be keeping you from optimum health. Complete the Lifestyle Analysis below and start your personal journey into a life of natural health and vitality.

Lifestyle Analysis

Please answer the questios below. You will then be shown which of your body systems need the the most strengthening, based on your responses, and which Nature's Sunshine products can be used to strengthen these systems.

Check the boxes in each column that apply to you:

Lack Of Energy Or Endurance Difficulty Digesting Certain Foods Recent Or Frequent Use Of Antibiotics Food Allergies Poor Concentration or Memory Stressful Lifestyle Regular Consumption Of Dairy Products Brittle Or Easily Broken Fingernails Nervousness/Anxiety/Tension Exposure To Air Pollution Daily Do You Feel Out of Control Weak Bones, Teeth Or Cartilage Don't Exercise Regularly Illness More Than Twice A Year Diet High in Red Meat Regular Consumption of Alcohol Puffiness/Dark Circles Under Eyes Fewer Than 2 Bowel Movements Per Day Skin/Complexion Problems Feeling Down, Uninterested Or Moody Dry, Damaged Or Dull Hair Less Than 3 Servings Of Fruit And Veggies Daily Difficulty Getting To Sleep, Lack of Sleep Chemical Sensitivities Do you worry excessively Heavy Mucus Production or Feeling Congested Body Odor And/Or Bad Breath Monthly Female Concerns Frequent Mood Swings Smoking Belching Or Gas After Meals Cravings For Sweets Or Junk Food Restless Sleep Or Waking Up Frequently Diet High in Fats/Cholesterol Muscle Cramps Or Spasms Caffeinated Beverages Daily Recurrant Yeast Or Fungal Infections Easily Irritated Regularly Experience Diarrhea

Run Analysis
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